Things you need to know when planning your destination wedding or destination elopement in Jamaica

I am sharing “My top 10 things I wish all my brides knew when planning their destination wedding or destination elopement in Jamaica” from my perspective as a bridal makeup artist involved in destination weddings for 10 years.

  • All-inclusive resorts are noted to charge high vendor-fees for off-site wedding providers.  Consider having your private wedding planner negotiate better rates or day pass rates as opposed to vendor fees for your private providers. Another alternative is to consider hosting your wedding at an non all-inclusive resort. Jamaica boasts beautiful private villas, guesthouses, great houses and so many more majestic locations. Perfect for your destination wedding/elopement in Jamaica.
  • The hotel wedding planner may not be as invested in your day as a private planner. If your budget allows check out using a competent day of planner (this is quite popular nowadays) to coordinate the final wedding day details and to ensure that all boxes are checked so that you can relax on your BIG day.
  • Please do not rely on the hotel bathroom lights to do your makeup for a special dinner or an event you will be photographed for. You are better off using a mirror and the natural light coming into your room.
  • Quality usually comes at a cost. Your wedding day photographs will last a lifetime. In choosing your perfect photographer one thing I suggest is reviewing their portfolio.  This will allow you to assess if their photographic style resonates with you.  In choosing a photographer to collaborate with I look at the weakest image in their portfolio, this has been a good gauge for me to have an idea for what I am up for.
  • 5. Try to have a central place for your bridal party to get ready as this improves time management on the day.
    6. Consider if you will be doing first-look and getting ready photographs with your photographer and relay this information to your makeup artist to plan accordingly.
    7. The night before your wedding day is not be the best night for drinking and partying as your skin and energy levels may pay for it on your wedding day.
    8. Please be realistic regarding time scheduling for getting makeup and/or hair done. Especially with a morning wedding or a large bridal party. For early morning start times have a heart to heart with your bridesmaids to avoid any misunderstandings on your wedding day - help them to understand why they may need to be up early.
    9. The humidity in Jamaica is real especially at locations on the coast. Please take this into consideration when choosing your wedding day hairstyle.
    10. Jamaica is an island paradise so Relax and Enjoy your destination wedding or destination elopement. If you want the royal treatment hire me for your luxury mini wedding day facial and makeup application. Wink, Wink.  

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