COVID-19 Health and Safety Update

We continue to monitor global developments relating to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), our sole responsibility remains the health and safety of our clients.  While the current situation continues to evolve and impact the world, it is important that our destination brides visiting Jamaica, considering makeup services have confidence in our commitment to your safety.

"Jamaica land we LOVE" like the rest of the world has been impacted by the effects of Covid-19.  It goes without saying that destination brides getting married in Jamaica would  be concerned about maintaining the safety of themselves and guests, while still enjoying their wedding celebration and vacation experience in our tropical paradise.  

Hygiene and sanitation have always been of significant importance to me as a professional makeup artist. To ensure a safe service and working environment, I have continued my education specific to COVID-19 service safety for makeup artists and beauty professionals (Please see certificates below).  In my commitment to my clients safety, I have also remained focused on any and all updates from the CDC, WHO and the Jamaican government.  While COVID is new to us, many other viruses and bacteria are not. We as professionals have always had the responsibility to maintain a clean and  sanitary kit and service experience.

Here are a few of the safety measures that will be observed on your wedding day:

  • I will be wearing a properly fitted surgical mask (doubled up) at all times.
  • I will be washing my hands before each service and as always, continuously sanitizing them throughout your service. I request that all clients properly wash their hands prior to sitting in the makeup chair as well.
  • Only one person at a time at the makeup station.
  • If there will be a second makeup artist with me, we ask that you are able to provide us with enough space to be spaced 6 feet from one another.
  • A separate, clean brush set will be used for each person. Each set is properly cleaned, disinfected and sealed in a ziplock bag prior to every appointment or wedding.
  • I always recommend that clients have their own lip products for touchups throughout the day. During this time, it is recommended that they are also used for the initial application as well.
  • The makeup station, makeup and tools will be cleaned, sanitized and disinfected between each person.
  • If I have symptoms of the coronavirus, been notified of exposure or have tested positive, I will notify you as soon as possible and I will do my very best to replace myself with another trusted makeup artist. If you or someone in your group scheduled for makeup is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, tested positive within 14 days or has been with someone who has, please notify me as well.

Our intent is not to overwhelm you but, to allay any fears you may have regarding your safety and that of your family and friends. Thank you for placing your trust in us. If any additional information is needed, feel free to call or email me. CONTACT ME

COVID_19 Educational Safety Certifications

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