Maintain your makeup and hairstyle through the heat and humidity of your destination wedding in Jamaica

Jamaica is a tropical paradise perfect for your destination wedding or destination elopement. One of the most appealing things about Jamaica can also work against your hair and makeup on your wedding day.  We have a warm,humid climate and some coastal areas can be very windy.

Dear bride, I don’t want you to have any unnecessary surprises on your wedding day, so I am going to share with you some important factors you need to consider when designing your wedding day hair or makeup style for your beautiful destination wedding or elopement in Jamaica.

1.  As a result of our high humidity if you plan on
using heat to straighten your hair eg. A Brazilian blow out, for your wedding
day you may need to find other alternatives or invest in a silk press as this will
hold up better to the climate conditions in Jamaica. If you plan on a beach
wedding or will at any time be close to the sea this is a definite no, no … 

2.  Lots
of loose curls/tendrils/waves can also be a challenge to maintain, again
because of the high humidity and the possibility of strong wind currents.  You can consider a pin up hairstyle with a
few loose curls or a half up – half down hairstyle.  An exception would be the bride-to be whose
hair gets curlier as a result of humidity. 
A good bridal hairstylist in Jamaica will have special tricks to extend
the life of your curls which will give you more freedom to wear the style you
desire or something very close.  This is
definitely a time to use a local hairstylist in Jamaica who has the experience
with hot, humid and windy climatic conditions design a hairstyle you love and
will also last through your wedding day. 
Allowing you to enjoy your day and not worry about your hair.  I have seen many a bride-to-be have their
friend or family member who is a hairstylist in the USA create beautiful waves
or straightened hair only to have it all go flat long before the reception.  For my
booked brides, I work with and/or recommend bridal hairstylists with an
impressive portfolio, who have experience working with the diverse hair
textures and styles of my destination brides. Whatever your unique hair
type/texture or needs we have you covered – natural, thin, locks, extensions,
weaves etc.

3.  One of my makeup mentors and one of the top
makeup artists in the world Rae Morris always says that “Makeup needs to be
maintained”.  Don’t let anyone tell you
otherwise.  Especially if you have an
outdoor wedding or reception in a hot and humid country like Jamaica.  Usually for most of my brides facial tissues
and blotting sheets are usually enough to maintain their look thought the
festivities.   For this reason I gift all
my brides with a lovely touch-up bag which has everything they need to maintain
their makeup.  Brides also have the
option to book my maid-in-waiting service. 
For touch-ups and even a change of look, the only way to avoid touch-ups
would be to have everything from the wedding ceremony to the reception,
including photography in air conditioned rooms. 
The majority of brides will prefer to have some aspect of their wedding
outdoors if it is even just photographs to take advantage of the beautiful
scenery of the island.


4.  Are you concerned about excessive sweating or
diagnosed with the medical condition, hyperhidrosis?  I know that there are many anti perspiration
products on the market.  However, from my
10 years of experience as a makeup artist in Jamaica and experimenting with a
gamut of products for my destination weddings. 
I am yet to find a product that eliminates sweating completely. I have
tried almost every product that my international counterparts have favourable
results with in a cooler climate such as Mehron skin prep and various
antiperspirant wipes etc.  In a hot and
humid climate like Jamaica these products are only effective for a short
while.   Using a high quality facial
tissue does an excellent job of mopping up perspiration.

5.   Maintaining your beautiful wedding day makeup
for your destination wedding in Jamaica - is best achieved by using facial
tissues and or blotting papers.  This is
how the brides in my portfolio have maintained their wedding day look.  One of the most important considerations when
applying bridal makeup for my brides is using techniques and products that will
last even after the last dance while still having my brides skin look like
theirs but better.  Powdering makeup to
maintain it can cause a build-up which may cause the skin to look dry and
excessively powdered in your wedding photographs. 

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