How to choose your Wedding Dress with special tips from Jamaican Bridal Stylist

I try to keep abreast as much as possible with bridal styling trends in Jamaica and Internationally to offer the best bridal makeup service possible for my Jamaican and Destination Wedding Brides.  As bridal makeup plays a significant role in Bridal Styling.   

When a bride contacts me to be apart of one of the most special days in her life.  My aim is to ensure that when she walks down the aisle her look is cohesive with her hair, dress and wedding style.  Most important is that she looks fresh, pretty and radiant.  Factors that this Jamaican Makeup Artist considers when designing the Makeup look for my Jamaican or Destination Wedding Brides in Jamaica are:

- Wedding Dress Style

- Time of Wedding

- Theme and Design of Wedding

- Wedding Hairstyle

- Bride’s Vision

For bridal styling insider secrets I reached out to Sara Stanford, Jamaican Bridal Stylist, Fashionista and Boutique Owner of Bliss Bridal.  Sara was so kind to share some of her tips with us.

Q. Sarah can you share with our readers the 3 most important things brides should consider when choosing their wedding dress.

A. Sara shared that who the bride brings to her appointment is very important as this can slow down the process and cause unnecessary stress for the bride.  It can mean 5 different points of view and persons making choices who are not mindful of her budget, personal style etc. which can cause a lot of confusion.  She can also bring people who are not supportive of her vision and may sabotage her appointment.  Something else to consider is, if you are not a fashionista bringing a fashionista whose style is very different from your own may pose a problem.

Sara suggested that brides bring the right undergarments such as spanx and cautions against waist trainers. The absolute most important thing is to bring an open mind.

Q. New York fashion Week just ended. What are your thoughts about the dresses you saw on the cat walk and did you have a favourite designer?

A. Sara noticed a lot of skin and see through dresses, she believe the effect was possibly for show. She noticed a lot of capes on the cat walk last year, this year however showed a new take with capes attached to the glove hand pieces. She also observed that not much bold colors were shown this year, the colors were mainly peony, peach, blush and many dresses with lace.

One of Sara’s favourite designers is Maggie Sottero as she pushes the envelope and still  produces ‘Nice Stuff” fore the real bride.

Q. What
advice do you have for the off beat bride who wants to wear a red or black
dress? I would love if you could suggest alternatives for the bride who wants
to incorporate color in her bridal styling but not sue how to go about it.

A. Sara believes that if the bride  wants a red dress,
She should wear it.  The bride will have to give consideration to the
fact that her options are going to be limited and she may have to get her dress
custom made.  Sara who is abreast with all aspects of bridal styling
including celebrity styling shared the fact that actress, Sara Jessica
Parker looks back and regrets wearing a black dress to her wedding.

Sara’s tips on incorporating color in your bridal styling was
that you do not have to match decor. Color may be incorporated in the
shoes, jewellery, accessories, colored ribbon (It can look dated but it is
still an option). Other tips shared are the bride can also choose to wear
a blush or champagne wedding gown which also adds color.  

She believes that A bride SHOULD stand
out and Do what makes “HER” feel  best on that day.  Brides can bear in mind that the wedding will probably be the one day and only time that she can wear an elaborate white dress and get away with it.

Q. I know that you cater to destination wedding brides getting
married in Jamaica. What special support do you provide for these brides, what
are the advantages of getting their dress from Bliss Bridal.

A. Sara pointed out that this service is not for every bride. It is  for the bride
who wants convenience. Bliss Bridal has partnered with a few hotels to have the wedding dress
sent directly to the hotel, Bliss also sends a seamstress to the hotel to make dress alterations. 

Airlines require that brides travelling with their wedding gown put the gown in the luggage bay or pay for an additional seat. I believe this service provides destination brides getting married in Jamaica a very convenient and reliable option.

For more styling tips from Sara see previous post and her blog

Tamara’s 2 cents

Having had dozens of bridal makeup trials, timing your dress final fitting with your makeup and hair trial is something to consider to get your bridal style perfected for your Big Day.  Your beauty team can offer more advise regarding your bridal look.

Please stay tuned for other Bridal/Wedding Tips from yours truly, Jamaican makeup artist Tamara Melville  and other talented wedding vendors in Jamaica.

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