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  1. My Favourite Jamaican Foods

    2019-03-14 17:34:42 UTC

    Jamaica is known for its people with their effervescent lively and winning personalities. Other things that we are known for are our culture, food, music, spices and our “herb”. This Makeup Artist based in Jamaica will be sharing not only posts about beauty but also gems about this beautiful “Island…

  2. Airbrushed or Traditional Makeup for your Wedding in Jamaica

    2018-06-02 07:26:16 UTC

    Airbrushed Makeup on my bride escorted by her father for her Wedding in Montego- Bay, Jamaica So, my beauties. You will be walking down the aisle in a few months or weeks and your makeup artist is asking you to choose between airbrushed or traditional makeup for your wedding day…

  3. Male grooming with William Mahfood for Buzzz Caribbean Magazine

    2018-01-21 04:46:34 UTC

    It was a privilege to be asked by Buzzz Caribbean Lifestyle Magazine to work with them on Male Grooming for their editorial cover, featuring Jamaica Manufacturing Mogul, Willam Mahfood - Chairman of Wisynco Group. I like Male Grooming as it helps in practicing restraint as a Makeup Artist.  Restraint is…

  4. Tips on doing your Wedding Day Makeup - In Jamaica

    2017-07-27 05:18:00 UTC

    Makeup for your Jamaican Wedding There is no question as to why Jamaica is considered one of the top locations for destination weddings, from its pristine beaches, luxurious resorts, friendliest people and scenic views. Wrapped up in all that beauty is a warm and humid climate which can be just…

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