Airbrushed or Traditional Makeup for your Wedding in Jamaica

So, my beauties. You will be walking down the aisle in a few months or weeks and your makeup artist is asking you to choose between airbrushed or traditional makeup for your wedding day makeup.  You may be thinking ‘With all the decisions you need to make did she/he really need to add one more!’ No worries, as the best airbrush makeup artist in Jamaica I will share my insider knowledge with you to assist in making your choice easier. 

I was trained in airbrushing by airbrush guru herself Danny Fonseca in New York. Only the best for my BRIDES. Dani is also Lead Makeup Artist for Maybelline at New York Fashion Week.  I was up before dawn on the train all by myself for the first time in New York City. I was totally lost that day. Thank God I left out super early.  I included a few images from my first airbrush class.

Airbrush Makeup

Airbrushing is not a new trend, makeup artists have been using airbrushing techniques for over 30 plus years. For me it is just another tool in my kit as I can get similar results with airbrushed or traditionally applied makeup. Airbrushed makeup is applied with an airbrush pen as seen in the images above. Traditional makeup application is similar to painting with a paintbrush. While airbrushed makeup application is very similar to airbrushing paint onto an automobile.

Will my Wedding Day Makeup withstand the heat and humidity in Jamaica?

Yes, Yes and Yes! The airbrush foundation is a thinner product than traditional foundations. It comes out from the airbrush pen as a spray. The spray is applied similar to tiny pixels as opposed to a large block of color, as a result it does not need to be blended. The formula  that I use can be used on all skin types. One of the biggest advantages with airbrush is that once in dries it sets and stays for 24 hrs. Perfect for your wedding day makeup in Jamaica.

This Jamaican makeup artist not only airbrushes your foundation/ complexion colors but  also your blush, lips, eyebrows and eyes.

Tamara, what are some of the properties of the airbrush makeup formula that you use?

  • Your Skin will appear healthier, younger and more radiant-looking 
  • It is a long-wear, transfer (no concern about soiling you or your husbands wedding day attire) and water-resistant formula (will withstand sweating and tears)
  • It is 4x more hydrating than Hyaluronic Acid. 
  • It delivers the most natural skin-like (REALLY) finish and offers buildable coverage – sheer, medium or full.

If applied correctly airbrushed makeup should look like you skin but better. It should not be heavy or cakey. If you have experience airbrushed makeup that was heavy, it may not have been applied properly as well as other factors.

Which do I prefer (Airbrush or Traditional  Makeup)?

I love both methods. The formula of traditional makeup is more opaque and thicker compared to airbrush makeup. I apply traditional makeup with a makeup brush or a sponge to be able to achieve a flawless and skin like airbrushed finish. My application of traditional makeup will not be mask-like or cakey. It will look like your skin but better. I use special techniques and formulas which makes my traditional makeup application long lasting and able to withstand the sweat and tears. The coverage can be sheer, medium or full.

I generally do not recommend one over the other as I am able to offer my clients similar results with both.

Peace & Love!

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