Tanning tips for your destination wedding in Jamaica

Your destination wedding in Jamaica is just around the
corner… I can imagine that you are
eagerly anticipating Fun, Sand, Sun and quite possibly a Tan. My goal as your makeup artist (Jamaica) is to ensure that your wedding day makeup looks as
flawless as possible. I will share tips on how to prevent sunburns, tan lines, strap marks and poor tans.

  • While in Jamaica stay clear of prolonged sun
    exposure and faithfully use sunscreen.
  •  If wearing a strapless
    wedding gown, avoid spaghetti strap clothing if you will be in the sun.
  • Commercial self-tanning products or spray tans are discouraged due to their unnatural
    orange tone.  However, if you insist on
    spray tanning, find a professional that custom blends colors to compliment your
    natural skin under-tone.
  • I also advise against tanning beds as it dehydrates the
    skin, can cause tan lines (which may now require body makeup this translates to
    more time and money to cover), there is also a risk of burning, which makes
    makeup hard to stick and can cause peeling and hypopigmentation. 

If you insist, here are a few tips to get the most out of
your tan for your destination wedding in Jamaica.

Tips for spray tans and tanning bed:

  • Hydrate well leading up to your tanning session
  • Exfoliate
  • Moisturize

Tips for tanning bed:

  • Cover your face from the jaw line up, expose your neck to
    avoid tan lines
  • Carry disinfectant wipes to clean the bed before and after.
  • Wear your tiniest thong and bake topless.
  • Cover your face as it tans at a different rate and
    sometimes goes very red and dry.
  • It’s best to stop tanning a week before your wedding day, allowing the
    skin to calm down and reduce any redness caused.

Maintenance of the tan while abroad is essential. Unfortunately,
this means avoiding the sea and pool as the water can tear away at the color. 

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