Travelling with your wedding dress for your destination wedding in Jamaica

I specialise in providing “Natural and Radiant Bridal Makeup for Destination Wedding or Destination Elopement in Jamaica” and figured that one common factor among my destination brides is transporting their wedding gown to Jamaica. So beauties, I went and did some digging to be able to share with you how other brides who  recently got married in Jamaica transported their wedding dress for it to arrive in pristine condition.

I would definitely advise you to
map out your plan of action ahead of time to avoid any unnecessary expenses and
stress. So that your lovely gown gets to your Destination Wedding or Destination Elopement in Jamaica
in the pristine condition it started the journey on.

1.       Definitely
take it on the plane with you, don’t pack it in a checked bag.

2.       Call ahead to confirm that your
aeroplane actually has a front closet for you to hang your wedding dress, as not
all do.  Arrive
early at the gate and ask the flight attendant to hang your dress in their closet
space, if available.  Take a few minutes
and request that the relevant person in the bridal boutique shows you how to fold your wedding
dress into the garment bag to minimize wrinkles.

3.       Verify
with your airline if you’ll even be allowed to bring your
wedding dress as a carry-on. Check the weight and size rules of carry-on
baggage for your airline to avoid disappointment at the gate.

4.       Ask the bridal shop to pack your dress in a large suit carrier with layers of tissue

5.       Invest
in a good garment bag or bag from the bridal store. Most persons recommend
using a 66 inch Wally Bag.

6.       If
the convenience to hang your dress in the front closet on the airline is not
available you may have to consider storing it in overhead bin. Tip – Lay it
flat over carry-ons and make sure all carry-ons in that bin belong to your

7.       Wedding
Dress Travel Box -   Specially designed boxes for your wedding
dress are available from a variety of companies.  These boxes meet the carry-on size
requirements for most airlines. They come with everything you need to pack your
dress, such as acid-free tissue paper to put in between each fold.

8.       If
your dress is very big, they may ask that you check it in (they may even waive the fee!).

9.      If your dress does get any wrinkles your resort may provide the service to professionally press your dress if this service is not available some resorts also provide a steamer in the room. If a steamer is not provided you may have to travel with a travel sized steamer to get the job done. I would suggest calling in advance to confirm if the above options are available.

10.       If
you do not want to take your dress back home with you, Jamaica has local bridal
shops only too willing to purchase from you.


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