Tigest & Zikomo - A Wedding in Jamaica infused with elements from her homeland - Ethiopia

Photography Credit - Brian Nejedly

I was contacted by Tigest to do bridal makeup and hairstyling for her wedding in Jamaica.  Tigest requested a very natural makeup look and knew exactly what she wanted regarding her bridal beauty styling. We communicated via email and video call as it is important to me that I understand the vision for my brides.  Many of my destination brides requesting me as a  Makeup Artist in Jamaica do not have the opportunity for us to meet in person or do a trial so good communication helps me to prepare better for their wedding day makeup and hair.

On the morning of Tigest’s wedding , I picked up the hairstylist on my team Janice and we proceeded on our 3 hr long early morning drive to a Llantrissant, a beautiful beachcliff villa in Negril, Jamaica. Tigest’s vivacious and beautiful mom gave me a tour of this magnificent property which shows off two private beaches and a gorgeous landscape with old cotton and almond trees which adds even more character to the landscape. 

Tigest is absolutely gorgeous with perfect baby skin. I applied Cinema Secrets Foundation on her as it was the perfect match for her skin tone. Tigest prefers subtly enhanced brows and just wanted her features enhanced. We used soft tones to highlight and shade her exotic eyes. Tigest wanted a red lip to compliment the Red Hibiscus flower in her hair (Embodying true island girl charm). We used Mac Brick - a deep red lip liner and filled in her lips with a red lip color. Janice straightened and styled Tigest’s naturally curly hair into an elegant low do. 

Tigest looked absolutely regal and breathtaking in her wedding dress and was met with lots of Oooo’s and Ahhhh’s from her doting family members and friends.  By interacting with some of Tigest’s family members I could see the strong Ethiopian family culture, the love that her family had for her was palpable. I considered it a privilege to have witnessed such genuine love and kindness. Tigest & Zikomo incorporated the best elements of both cultures into their wedding making it a true synergy of Jamaica and Ethiopia.

I also met up with acclaimed wedding and landscape photographer Brian Nejedly who was very professional. I love his photography style - Clean, Real & Tasteful. It reminds me of my bridal makeup style.

Congratulations Tigest & Zikoma. Blessings!!

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