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  1. 6 Tips for Booking Your Makeup Artist and Hairstylist for Your Destination Wedding.

    2019-03-15 01:31:00 UTC

    You have found the perfect destination for your wedding. It’s now time to find your dream hair and makeup team. Tip #1. You will be spending several hours on your wedding day with your beauty team, which makes it important for that person’s creative style to resonate with you and…

  2. My Favourite Jamaican Foods

    2019-03-14 17:34:42 UTC

    Jamaica is known for its people with their effervescent lively and winning personalities. Other things that we are known for are our culture, food, music, spices and our “herb”. This Makeup Artist based in Jamaica will be sharing not only posts about beauty but also gems about this beautiful “Island…

  3. Tips for Radiant Wedding Day Skin In The Weeks Leading Up To Your Wedding Day

    2019-03-12 00:29:00 UTC

       You will be walking down the aisle in less than a month. So let’s get your skin hydrated and radiant. It’s no secret that for your makeup to look beautiful on your wedding day. It begins with a great skin care routine. Have a look at my Top Secret Wedding…

  4. Tigest & Zikomo - A Wedding in Jamaica infused with elements from her homeland - Ethiopia

    2018-10-07 11:29:00 UTC

    Photography Credit - Brian Nejedly I was contacted by Tigest to do bridal makeup and hairstyling for her wedding in Jamaica.  Tigest requested a very natural makeup look and knew exactly what she wanted regarding her bridal beauty styling. We communicated via email and video call as it is important…

  5. Bridal Makeup Tips for Your Wedding in Jamaica - Jamaica Gleaner Article

    2018-07-09 07:22:00 UTC

    Wedding Issue of th The Gleaner Flair Magazine It is an honor to be recognised as a Bridal Makeup Expert and Top Makeup Artist by the top local newspaper in Jamaica… The Jamaica Gleaner. I was interviewed by Rocheda Bartley, Lifestyle Writer for the Wedding Issue of the Jamaica…

  6. Airbrushed or Traditional Makeup for your Wedding in Jamaica

    2018-06-02 07:26:16 UTC

    Airbrushed Makeup on my bride escorted by her father for her Wedding in Montego- Bay, Jamaica So, my beauties. You will be walking down the aisle in a few months or weeks and your makeup artist is asking you to choose between airbrushed or traditional makeup for your wedding day…

  7. Choosing a Makeup Artist for your Jamaica Wedding

    2018-04-20 07:06:34 UTC

    Decor for Wedding at Firefly, St. Mary - Jamaica Do you need a makeup artist for your Wedding in Jamaica? Look no further, I am here to cater to your unique bridal beauty needs. I am Tamara Melville a makeup artist living in Jamaica. I have been providing bridal makeup…

  8. Eliza & Matthew - Iberostar Suites, Montego Bay, Jamaica Wedding

    2018-03-08 23:50:47 UTC

    Beautiful Bride married in Montego Bay, Jamaica I call Eliza my Arabian Bride, She reminds me of a beautiful Arabian Princess with her midnight black hair and very lively personality. I met Eliza on Instagram as she had reached out to me wanting to identify the location for a photo…

  9. Jamaica Bridal Expo Review, Part 1

    2017-11-01 08:44:00 UTC

    As a Bridal Makeup Artist in Jamaica one of my priorities is staying on top of trends in the Bridal and Destination Wedding Industry. I aim to offer my Jamaican and Jamaica Destination Wedding Brides a modern, luxurious and bride centred experience.  I have been looking forward to attending The…

  10. Bridal Style Shoot with Photographer Dexter Smith

    2017-09-18 07:35:31 UTC

    Island Beauty!!!   Give me clean beauty any day!  I saw Jamaican photographer Dexter Smith’s work on instagram and was drawn to his clean and vivid photography style.  I contacted him about us collaborating on a bridal beauty/portrait shoot and was elated when he agreed. Colour was the focus of this…

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