6 Tips for Booking Your Makeup Artist and Hairstylist for Your Destination Wedding.

You have found the perfect destination for your wedding. It’s now time to find your dream hair and makeup team.

Tip #1. You will be spending several hours on your wedding day with
your beauty team, which makes it important for that person’s
creative style to resonate with you and for them to understand the look that you
desire.  Other factors to consider are
that the person/s you choose have are professional easy to work with and have positive energy.

Tip #2. Couples are in almost all cases better off hiring qualified
local vendors for their destination wedding to provide their wedding beauty services. Rest assured that wedding destinations such as
Jamaica have makeup artists (such as myself) and hairstylists that are trained
internationally, use professional international brands that get the job done
(well) and will have you looking picture perfect.

Tip #3. One method to find vendors for beauty services is to do a google search where you will find a variety of
options. You can begin making your list to narrow down your vendors to two or
three persons.  Some factors you may want to consider in choosing your makeup artist and hairstylist are:

  • Do they have a website?
  • If yes, do they have a portfolio of their bridal
    work online?
  • Do they provide testimonials, some artists have this on their website?
  • Does the makeup style in their portfolio
    resonate with what you want on your wedding day?

Tip #4. You can now reach out to them to check their availability.  A good gauge for choosing the right person is to see if they “get” what you are looking for, how comfortable you feel with
them and if they supportive of your vision.

Tip #5.“Remember the old saying, ‘You get what you pay
for.’ This is your big day and your hair and makeup will be immortalized in your wedding photos forever.  Choose a
makeup artist or beauty team that will make you be glad you did when you look
back at your wedding day photos in the years to come.

Tip#6. Trials help to make your wedding day go more smoothly.  We work with our destination brides to facilitate a trial at a site visit etc. months before or even a couple days to a day before the wedding day. No worries, if scheduling a trial is inconvenient we allocate extra time to design the look you envision.

Peace & Love

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