Tips for Radiant Wedding Day Skin In The Weeks Leading Up To Your Wedding Day


 You will be walking down the aisle in less than a month. So let’s get your skin hydrated and radiant. It’s no secret that for your makeup to look beautiful on your wedding day. It begins with a great skin care routine. Have a look at my Top Secret Wedding Day Tips for you to take into consideration within 4 weeks of your Wedding Day in Jamaica for picture perfect skin.  I have also included tips from other bridal makeup artists worldwide.

A special note for my destination wedding brides getting married in Jamaica - as best as possible avoid (however if you cannot avoid limit alcohol consumption and sun exposure) in the days leading up to your destination wedding. As both can severely dehydrate and do things to your skin that will not make for great wedding day skin. I know this can be particularly challenging for destination brides as a destination wedding is alot about fun and sun. 


  • Avoid sun exposure and use sunscreen everyday.
  • Get rest and drink ( 6 - 8) glasses of water daily. One (1) week before your wedding day try and make it to drinking 8 glasses of water daily.
  • Restrict or Reduce your alcohol consumption.
  • Take a fish oil or krill oil supplement and eat lots of dark leafy greens.
  • Ensure that you are using a facial cleanser and a hydrating moisturiser.
  • You can consider adding an eye cream such as Kiehl’s Avocado, Bioderma , Belif Eye Cream or Sisley Eye Mask Gel (please check with the relevant professionals for sensitivities and do a patch test).
  • Exfoliate face and lips (once per week) and use lip balm and lip treatment. DIY options are a sugar scrub for lips and baking soda mixed with a water based cleanser for the face.
  • Avoid treatment products that you have never introduced into you skin care routine especially if you have sensitive skin.

As a makeup artist based in Jamaica who has worked with Jamaican based and destination brides for over 10 years, I can attest to the benefits of following a good skin care routine in helping my brides to achieve their desired look.

Peace & Love

Tamara Melville

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